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The Business of Learning podcast is produced by the team at and focuses on the intersection of business performance and human capital development. Our guests are experts and innovators in organizational learning and development, and we highlight original research on trends and best practices in corporate training.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Business of Learning, Episode 20: Social Learning and Content Curation



  2. The Business of Learning, Episode 19: Evaluating Learning and Measuring ROI

    Training Industry research has found that one of the biggest challenges facing learning leaders is measuring the effectiveness of their training. On this episode of The Business of Learning, Kevin M. Yates discusses this challenge and shares tips. ...


  3. Episode 18, Effective Safety Training: The Product of a Safety Culture and Strategic Alignment

    Effective safety training requires a safety culture and alignment with business goals. In this episode of The Business of Learning, safety training experts Bridgette Wilder (City of Memphis) and Fred Stawitz share their tips on making safety training engaging, the role of training in risk management and mitigation, ...


  4. Episode 17: Career Pathways in Learning and Development

    There are a variety of paths people take to enter and advance in the training profession. Whether L&D is their first job out of college, or whether they switch into a training role later in their career, the paths learning leaders take throughout their careers can offer insights for newer — and ...


  5. Episode 16: Best Practices for Internal Coaching Programs

    Many companies bring in external coaching consultants, but internal coaching programs are a great way to introduce coaching to an organization’s culture and to support the practice within a company. Matt Becker, coaching and mentoring manager at CareSource, shares more. ...