The Business of Learning: The Four Moments of Truth

April 08, 2019
In this episode of “The Business of Learning,” Dr. Sam Shriver, executive vice president of The Center for Leadership Studies, and Doug Harward, founder and CEO of Training Industry, discuss a new model for sustaining the impact of leadership training: the Four Moments of Truth.
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Episode 15: Developing a Request for Proposals for Training Outsourcing Engagements

March 25, 2019
In this episode of “The Business of Learning,” Doug Harward, founder and CEO of Training Industry, discusses how to approach decisions about when to outsource and how to manage and develop requests for proposals (RFPs) for training products and services.
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Episode 14: Merging Training Functions after an M&A

February 22, 2019
In the opener to season 2 of “The Business of Learning,” we talk to Scott Farley, group director of talent management at Komatsu, and Dave Fogleman, chief learning officer at SkillPath, about the process of managing change and merging training functions after an acquisition.
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Episode 13: Training Industry Trends and Predictions

January 28, 2019
In the season 1 finale of "The Business of Learning," we talk to industry leaders about training market trends in 2018 and predictions for 2019. Guests: Ken Taylor, president of Training Industry, Inc. Scott Kirkpatrick, president and chief operating officer of General Assembly Brian Knudson, principal of EY and founder of NogginLabs Dean Pichee, founder and CEO of BizLibrary
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Episode 12: Developing a Learning Ecosystem for the Technical Workforce

November 12, 2018
The Business of Learning, Episode 12. Vidya Krishnan, global chief learning officer at Ericsson, shares her thoughts on training technical employees, the "soft skills versus technical skills" debate, and the need for continuous learning.
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